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Welcome to Handmade Presents

In our HANDMADE PRESENTS GIFT SHOP you will find uniquely crafted presents lovingly made by hand in England and Germany. Every single item is slightly different, so buying from us means you will acquire a true original for yourself or your loved ones.

As much as possible we try to use natural materials such as wool, silk, wood and stone.

Some items are made to order, giving you the opportunity to bring in your own personal preferences, others are available immediately.

For the creatively minded amongst you HANDMADE PRESENTS WOOL SHOP stocks a wide range of white, natural coloured and dyed wool fleece for spinning, needle felting, wet felting, peg loom weaving and the creation of magical wool pictures.

We specialise in plant dyed products such as plant dyed wool fleece, plant dyed pure wool felt and plant dyed knitting yarn, some of it organically dyed.

If you are looking for precious animal fibre, please check out our selection of Alpaca, Cashmere, Mohair, Camel Down, Camel Wool mix and Kid Mohair locks.

Handmade Presents Wool Shop also stocks accessories such as felting needles, wooden felting needle holders, wooden and bamboo knitting needles and wooden crochet hooks.

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