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Stuffing Wool and Wool Fleece

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# suitable for felting
* suitable for spinning
^ suitable for general craft

White wool:

Tops:(continious strand of combed fibre wound into a ball)

1321 Dutch, yellowish, not for felting *^
1420 Sueddeutsche, yellowish*^
1410 New Zealand Lamb, white, very fine #*^
1480 Australian Merino, fine #*^
1490 Australian Merino, extra fine #*^
1492 Merino,white,super extra fine,16 mic #*^

Carded sliver:(continuous length of carded fibre)

1260 Merino, white, fine #^
1243 Skudden, white/yellowish #*^
1239 Gotland, white #^
Stuffing wool (washed and carded,natural white) ^

Minimum order 100gm per type
Samples available

Natural coloured wool:

Tops:(continious strand of combed fibre wound into a ball)

1450 La Plata,light beige #*^
1460 Brazil, beige with some dark hair #*^
T180 Blue faced Leicester oatmeal #*^
T145 Light grey Suffolk *^
T139 Pure Shetland black, dark brown *^
T146 Black Welsh, dark brown *^
1339 Scottish, grey-brown *^
1464 French, brown mixed with grey #*^
1472 Spanish Merino, brown #*^
1440 Norwegian, brown-grey,quite coarse #*^
1483 Australian Merino, light grey, fine #*^

Carded sliver: (continuous length of carded fibre)

1257 Fuchsschaf, beige with some brown hair ^
1262 Karakul, beige-light brown  #
1235 Russian Camel,light gingery brown,coarse #^
1270 Merino gingery-brown #*^
1247 Portuguese Merino,chestnut #^
1241 Milchschaf,brown *^
1249 Bergschaf,dark brown #^
1263 Steinschaf lamb,black #^
1236 Landschaf brown #^
1248 Bergschaf,brown #^
1237 Gotland,grey #^
1246 Gotland lamb,light grey,quite fine #^

3542 Gotland lamb,grey,washed and slightly curly,
not carded #^

Also available in bags, 19 shades (190gm)  for puppet hair, felting animals

Colour sample wheel of all colours

Dyed wool tops:

South American Merino wool tops, fine quality,suitable for felting, spinning
and general craft work:

23 salmon pink
24 mauve
22 cardinal red
34 bordeaux
49 red rose
48 red fire
26 red brick
27 rusty red
63 apple blossom
39 peach
54 primrose
33 lemon
32 grapefruit
35 ochre
64 brown
28 willow balm
37 forest green
46 moss
45 dark pine
62 emerald
59 buddleia
58 oleander
52 baby pink
55 opal
56 smaragd
50 aquamarine
51 turquoise
53 lilac
29 blue lagoon
42 lapis
41 night sky
31 violet
30 amethyst
43 plum
57 blue sea
60 green meadow

(Minimum order 100g per colour)
Sample wheel of all colours £

Dyed wool (carded sliver):
New Zealand Merino wool for spinning, felting and general craft work

Carded sliver:

626 lemon tropics
601 cornfield
621 orange
612 nasturtium
602 rich red
623 celebration
606 dark red
624 red squirrel
619 red terracotta
608 falcon
620 light breeze
627 hyacinth
625 lustrous pink
610 buddleia
611 lilac
604 night sky
603 deep blue sea
609 summer sky
605 green moss
618 forest
607 spring

Available in bags 10gm of each colour (210gm) or per 100gm

Sample wheel of all colours available

Rainbow coloured dyed carded sliver, 500gm fleece for spinning, felting and
general craft

Merino Melange from New Zealand
two colours mixed together,carded sliver

P01    yellow and white
1201   yellow and orange
1207   orange and light green
1521   orange and black
1512   teraccota and black
1502   red and black
1506   bordeaux and black
0604   red and blue
1209   orange and light blue
1509   blue and black
1518   bottle green and black
1513   spring green and black
1501   moss green and black

Colour chart available

Plant dyed wool:

for spinning, needle felting and general craft work (Plant dyed wool is not
so suitable for wet felting. During the dyeing process it has been brought
to the boil twice for an hour each time, hence part of the felting process
has already taken place. It can still be felted, but it takes longer.)

Available as carded sliver or tops:

15 dark yellow
01 light yellow
02 burgundy
03 light red
04 salmon
05 light skin colour
06 pink
07 granite blue
08 sky blue
09 aqua blue
10 dark blue
11 violet
12 lilac
13 green
14 spring green

(minimum order 100gm per colour) or in bags,10gm of each colour(150gm)

Colour sample wheel available

Rainbow plant dyed carded sliver: 500g. Excellent for spinning a beautiful
yarn ranging from blue,purple,light red yellow to green.

Plant dyed Romney Marsh fleece (organic), 10 colours in a 100gm bag

Romney Marsh fleece is said to be the most suitable for people suffering
from dust allergies. Due to its coarser texture and long staple,it gives off
far fewer particles than other wool.

Available as rainbow dyed fleece (perfect for spinning a breathtaking yarn)
for £60 per kilo (smaller quantities possible)

Multi coloured Merino wool tops:

for felting and spinning

1198 pink,purple,light pink

1161 bright red,yellow,green,blue

Minimum order 100gm

Space dyed rovings:

pencil thick, space dyed rovings in ten different colour combinations used
for spinning, knitting and felting.

3050 yellow,green,turquoise,lilac,pink,orange
3794 green,brown,blue,grey,orange
2065 violet,moss green, spring green,blue
3795 yellow,salmon,light brown,faded green
3871 yellow,orange,deep blue,violet,moss green,lilac
3869 light blue,pink,light skin colour (baby colours!)
1402 brown,beige,off white
3152 brown,gentle red,faded lilac,yellow,bronze
1441 red,pink,lilac
1744 dark blue,light blue,purple

(2gm per metre)
(Minimum order 100gm per colour: we do sell 10gm balls of all colours for
children for finger knitting)

Please note: Due to the Z twist in the roving it has to be spun

Samples available

Precious fibres:

Tops: (continuous strand of combed fibre wound into a ball)

3630 Alpaca,grey,very fine
3665 Alpaca,white,very fine
3669 Alpaca,fawn,very fine
3670 Alpaca,chestnut,very fine
3650 Alpaca,black,very fine

3405 Mohair,white with lustre
Scoured Kid Mohair,white curly locks

Carded sliver: (continuous length of carded fibre)

3510 Camel,de-haired,natural down,soft
3509 Camel/wool mix,natural 80% dehaired Camel down mixed with 20%wool,fine

3339 Cashmere,white,super fine quality

Samples available

Plant dyed 100% wool felt(organic)

Weight approx. 300gm/metre

This beautiful,plant dyed wool felt for art and craft work comes in 12
different colours:

1  Yellow
3  Spring green
4  Forest green
5  Green with a hint of blue
6  Brown
7  Terracotta
9  Light skin colour
10 Pink
12 Red
13 Dark purple
14 Blue
15 Light blue

(approx.90cm wide)
Minimum 1/2 metre per colour

All colours are also available as sheets approx.19x29cm wide

Special offer: Set of six sheets(red,terracotta,brown,yellow,spring

Sample colour chart available

Knitting yarn:

Single ply 100% wool yarn, beautiful untwisted texture.
Knitting needles size 3,5-4,5

1841 dark blue
1857 blue sea
1858 oleander
1843 magenta
1830 lilac
1848 scarlet
1847 ruby red
1839 brick
1840 orange
1832 golden yellow
1833 lemon
1854 bleached straw
1866 fresh green
1837 moss green
1845 dark green

100gm hanks (100gm /200m)

Sample of all colours

Organic plant dyed knitting yarn now here!


Felting needles:

36 gauge, triangular for general work and coarser wools
(minimum order of four)

38 gauge, star shaped for finer and faster work
(minimum order of four)

Set of 2x36 gauge and 2x38 gauge felting needle in cardboard container

Felting needle holder:holds up to six needles (needles not included)
Made from wood,3.8cm high,2.8cm diameter

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