The Benefits of Wool – How Wearing Wool Could Help Your Health – Part Two

 Last time we looked into the health benefits of wool, but we still have not finished! This time, there are more points to come, to prove why wool is great for you!

 Wool is Renewable

Every year, sheep grow a new coat, and the old one is shorn off. This makes wool renewable. In the wild, sheep lose their wool every year, but domestication has caused them to retain their fleece so that we can shave it off! This is then used to make woolen clothing, wool yarn, or just sold as a complete fleece.

 Wool is UV Resistant

To a degree, all fabrics have some resistance to Ulta Violet (UV) rays. However, wool has a high resistance, much higher than synthetic fibres such as polyester, in fact, its resistance is a lot higher than natural fibres such as cotton!

 Wool is Elastic and Durable

A single wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times, and it still returns to its original shape! This leaves woollen clothing looking good for longer – and simply raise the health- and practicality benefits of wool!

 Wool is Breathable

Despite locking a layer of air in, and forming an insulation pocket , wool is actually breathable! It removes sweat and moisture vapour, but the wool fibres do not become saturated, hence its mildew resistance!

 Wool is Multi-Climatic

Wool is an active fibre. It reacts to changes in the body, and adjusts to outer climates, and so provides the perfect zone for outdoor wear, or a good night’s sleep!

 Wool is easy to Care For

As we established before, it is resistant to mildew, and holds its shape easily, therefore not requiring tedious amounts of work spent ironing or battering into shape, it is also easy to care for in the respect that it’s fibres are static resistant, meaning it picks up less dust, and the fibres have a naturally protective layer that avoids stain absorption!

 Now, as you near the end of this article, I am sure it is safe for me to say that wool has so many benefits, more than 10 in fact, both to your health, relaxation, comfort and mental state! Therefore I can conclude, that wool is safe, warm, durable and easy to care for.

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